“Hey guys do you want to come over to watch a movie on the big screen?”

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

By “movie” they meant this 1997 Disney zirconium and by “big screen” they meant a screen with a projector in the living room. Perhaps what was more fun about this was the experience. 2 hard-core fans sat on either side of me and were laughing before the “funny scenes” were on frame and saying out loud some of the lines. “yeah, we get it, you know this movie.” All in all it is a harmless “funny if you’re a fan but mildly funny if you’re watching it now” kind of movie. Harland Williams could have been the next “Jim Carrey” but for some reason only reached his zenith when he played that “crazy” cop in Dumb and Dumber.

Here is my favourite scene of this movie:

1 thought on “Rocketman

  1. Well, I was one of the well-acquainted sitting next to Omar, and I must say I found this movie to be quite hysterical. For the 12th time!

    Bit yess, omars perspective is very understandable. Watching other peoples classics doesn’t always do it for me either!!

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