It’s All Gone Pete Tong

I enjoy the idea and delivery of films that bend reality with fiction.  Without getting too philosophical one could argue that our existence is indeed the blending of the two.  Is Frankie Wilde real or manufactured? You want to believe this story because Frankie is so damn believable!  Like a prodigal wasting away his life in opulence you are drawn to his misery when things begin to unravel. As the Karate Kid with a cross-fader Frankie embodies what we long for- redemption.  Did I mention this is a comedy?  Did you know it’s a Canadian film? For all those Tiësto groupies here is a film where you see him act. Or is he?

2 thoughts on “It’s All Gone Pete Tong

  1. Yup. Another one of my favs!!! Great movie and progression of character one you get by a little raw vulgarity. Must watch this movie to the end for the full effect!

  2. Love this flick! for those faint at heart, it seems a little harsh and crude in the first half. But all that just to build into what is unravelling in the second half.
    LOVE IT. stoked you enjoyed.

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