Fantastic Mr.Fox

Real life conversation between me and the wife:

“I don’t want to watch this movie”

“I’ve heard that it’s a good movie”

“What people?”

“SEE Magazine reviewer”

“That means nothing to me!”

“Umm…the Calverts said it was good.”

“really? Okay.”

Thanks to the alleged recommendation of the Calvert’s we were exposed to what I call the “Ocean’s 11 set to stop motion”. With Clooney’s charming voice planning heist after heist I couldn’t help hearing Danny Ocean.  My wife was surprised to find herself entertained by “this kind” of film because it is neither a cartoon nor  real-life. What is disarming is the subtle but potent humour laced throughout.  The voices lent to this film are all spot on and expands on an already fun story. The aesthetics as well contribute to the experience rather then detract.  If you’re interested in seeing a little glimpse on how this movie was made click here.

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