A Serious Man

You know that when you’re going to watch a Coen Brothers film that you’re stepping into something intentionally original. I found myself warmly cradled by a Jewish theology through the questions and extractions of each character.  I loosely compare Larry to the crisis Job experienced.  In it we find Larry wrestling through the meaning of everything he has lost.  Originally the intent of the film wasn’t to focus on Larry. Instead, they wanted to tell a story through the character of his son. However, as the story developed it was apparent that Larry had much more to say.  I’m glad his voice was the dominant one because he asked all the questions we ask.  “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “What is the meaning of pain?”  The journey that Joel and Ethan usher you through is both existentially hilarious and surprisingly hopeful.  Not only that but your vocabulary of Hebrew will be expanded.  May Hashem bless you as you watch this movie.

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  1. Can you explain the opening scene to me. This movie had this weird remarkable hold on me. I watched it about 2-3 times, loved it, but didn’t fully understand it. So well done though, the Jewish theology was fascinating, but I think I miss out on a lot of the background info.

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