Year 2009 almost ended without watching a decent post modern love story or (un)love story!  But alas! 500 days came along and danced me off my feet! Let me run through the emotions I felt in chronological order  as I watched this film- curiosity, hilarity, nervousness, embarrassment, exposure of my heart and soul on the screen, sadness, joy.  In fact, my wife will never let me live this down but at a pivotal scene in the end I enthusiastically clapped and cheered as a key name of a character was revealed! I don’t know what came over me but I was engrossed in all these emotions that I couldn’t help but “cheer” when the love-stricken Tom…well, I’m not going to wreck the story. Just go and rent it if you are in a relationship or have just ended one.  Also to whet your appetite a bit check this video out! I don’t know who I have bigger crush on- Zooey or Joseph?!

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