1. KNOW THE CORRECT PRONUNCIATION. Tres Carnales is pronounced: Tr-ehz Car-nah-less. Not Trace Car-nails.  By the way, it means “3 Homeboys.”

2. ANTICIPATE A LONG LINE. I don’t dare go during lunch because I don’t like long lines. However, if you have time it’s worth the wait. A suggestion is to go Saturday, right when they open at 4 PM. Even then, it’s surprising to see how quickly the crowds begin to line.

3. GO WITH A FRIEND. Not only is it good to enjoy the company of someone else but it’s also a great way to sample more than one item on the menu.

3. DON’T SAVE A TABLE AND THEN LINE UP TO ORDER. It’s the other way around.  There is limited space so finding a seat can be awkward. What’s more awkward is arriving and sitting at an empty table before ordering and then being told by staff that you’re not allowed to do that. So be warned. My suggestion, as you wait in line, survey the seats and decide with your company if you’ll take a chance for seating to open up or just do take-out and enjoy your meal at home.

4. ORDER THE TORTA. I realize that it’s a “taqueria” and that ordering anything other than tacos seems counterintuitive. However, you wouldn’t think that way if you ordered their famous “tortas”. Essentially, they take all the goodness that would be in a taco and put it inside a home-baked french loaf. It’s huge, bursting with taste and sells out quickly so get your hands on one soon. Also, they serve it to you with a knife. I didn’t know why until I overheard the server tell a customer that you’re supposed to cut the sandwich in half because otherwise it will disassemble as you eat it. I found this out just as I was shoveling into my mouth the last copious amounts of fallen meat, guacamole and cabbage.

5 thoughts on “4 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT TRES CARNALES TAQUERIA (10119-100 A Street)

  1. Thanks for pointing out the correct pronunciation! I’ve noticed many people say “tray” for Tres as if it were the French word. “Very homeboys” – don’t think so…

  2. What a great post! Thanks for sharing it! I haven’t yet made it to Tres Carnales yet but I appreciate that I got to read this beginner’s guide first! Cheers!

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