4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Pecha Kucha 22


1. The amount of provocative and interesting topics covered in one night by passionate, engaging, insightful presenters.

What can you really say about something in 20 slides? How can you possibly do justice to any topic by speaking for only 6 minutes and 40 seconds? Finding out the answer to these questions hopefully titillates your curiosity just a bit. On this particular evening, you will be invited to travel an entire universe of ideas, experiences, and thoughts ranging from  Marni’s brave journey as a transgender Dad and spouse to Paul’s treatise on why The Room is a “must see” to Josh’s determination on eradicating “busy” from his vocabulary to Andrew and Jen’s free fitness movement known as the November Project and everything in between. I’ll be speaking about why as an immigrant I care so much about Canada’s relationship with Indigenous people.

2. The scenery of Louise McKinney Riverfront Park.

Just imagine how majestic and stunning your selfie game will be elevated to with 500 metres of an unobstructed view of the River Valley. With access from a variety of trails, you might even want to run, blade, bike, or Segway your way to the event. Boasting an immaculate Chinese garden, 12.9 hectares of land, and the prominent Shumka stage; you’ll wonder why this green space isn’t more popular.

3. The inspiration to one day be a presenter yourself.

The main drive of each presenter isn’t fame or fortune. (We don’t get paid for doing this!) What motivates us is an unrelenting passion to share with others what we’ve learned and experienced. You too have a story to share and this stage might be the one for you to do that. Are we nervous? Of course! Do we second-guess our decision to speak in front of a large crowd? Definitely. Every second we’re standing on that stage we question our sanity. Do we learn a lot through the preparation and process of it all? You bet we do!

4. The free gift certificate to Famoso Neapolitan Pizza that’s included in the price of admission.

The dough! The cheese! The sauce! The dough! It’s hard to pass up an event that gives away, arguably, Edmonton’s best pizza.

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