The Fighter

3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed This Movie:

1. Amy Adams- I can recollect the the vulnerable princess she played in Enchanted. I even remember her innocent personality in June Bug. Yet, all those memories fade when she channels Charlene in The Fighter. She is fierce and confident in all the right ways. In many ways, she is Dicky’s foil. Her presence is more than eye appeal; she provides the voice of reason lacking from the Ward clan.

2. Melissa Leo- Speaking of tough women… Melissa Leo’s portrayal of the Matriarch Alice Ward is admirable. I hated her every time she was on screen. It was the way she looked, talked, acted that grated me. Yet, that is why she was so flawless in this character. As both the glue and the scissors that held and pierced the family; Leo balanced ‘selfish manager’ with ‘loving mother’ perfectly.

3. Christan Bale- This was really a movie about Dicky. It was his story arc that I felt was most intriguing and inspiring. (I will admit though that I found Mickey Ward’s epic fights on Youtube amazing!) Bale’s performance provoked pity, distrust and compassion all within the 116 minutes of running time. It’s difficult to hate Dicky because he’s so disillusioned and lost. Yet, when you finally see him gain clarity you can’t but help cheer for him.

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