The Art of Skin

A short snippet of the conversation between my wife and me days before the tattoo:

Wife: “Why do you want to make a statement like this?”

Me: “I’m not making a statement. I just want this arm to remind me of the humour and irony of life.”

Wife: “But its lame.”

Me: “No it isn’t. It’s an artistic expression that’s about lightening up.  We can’t always be serious about everything.”

Wife: “I don’t get it…whatever. It’s your arm…what are your parents going to say?”

Me: “I’m 30! It doesn’t matter what my parents say!”

Despite my wife’s disapproval I carried it out with a combination of Jared and her cousin David’s idea. I realize this will be on my arm forever and that they will forever be a part of the story.  Which is cool.

But to be honest it’s really less about them and more about the fact that it reminds me of her.  She is hilarious. I laugh so much with her. So to have on one arm some serious elements of life that I want to live by- courage, humility and love, while on the other arm have a depiction of the laughter and wit my wife brings to me, I think, is a pretty cool thing to have.

I realize that this will be difficult for some to understand but I know there are people that have done even crazier things.  Is this a new leaf in my life? I don’t know. For now I know I have a cool story to say about what’s on my arm. Also, Erin, you did an amazing job of bringing to life this hacked idea.  Big props to Eye of the Lotus!

I can’t wait for my next tattoo!

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