Going back in time with a backbeat


So this is kind of cool. Apparently, the guy that invented the MP3 used this song as the song to experiment and perfect the new technology. For it’s simplicity he could never get it to sound right. After tweaking and modifying they finally achieved sonic bliss! All thanks to “Tom’s Diner”.

For me, growing up in the late 80’s/early 90’s this song brings me back to a time when I hardly understood english. I scraped my existence through caveman gestures and grunts. The only thing I remember comprehending about this song was the universal “doo doo doo’s”. So to hear this gem with Mr. Questlove giving the necessary addictive backbeat it was only a matter of time before I would share it with you. Especially those of you old enough to remember this song.

Vega admits that she wrote this song based on a response from her photographer friend Brian Rose who talking about his work said that “he saw his whole life through a pane of glass…like he was the witness to a lot of things, but was never really involved in them.”

So park your camaro, walk towards the pane of glass and peek into “Tom’s Diner”.

*Editor’s note: Unfortunately the video of The Roots and Suzanne Vega has expired so if you missed it you missed it. In it’s place I managed to find this video. Also, this isn’t Suzanne Vega. Just a really dedicated fan.


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