I cannot overstate how much I love this song or the entire Tassili album.  To hear the story of Tinariwen is to encompass the history of the plight of the Tuareg nomadic people of Northern Africa. Unlike the circumstances that cause bands to evolve; Tinariwen is a result of mythic events.  From getting military training from Muammar al-Gaddafi to revolting against the Mali government to performing for baptisms and weddings; it’s been an arduous journey to say the least. Francis Dordor describes this song beautifullly when he says, ‘Tenéré Taqqim Tossam’ is a declaration of love, tempered by respect and humility, for that desert landscape which is seemingly so demanding, so stingy with its water, but whose beauty and mystery are enough to quench the spiritual thirst that irks the soul of desert people and which they call ‘assouf’. Tunde Adebimpe’s added vocals reinforce the humility, even vulnerability, which that relationship requires. In the desert’s gruelling natural environment, everyone has to make sure that their honesty and integrity remain intact.”

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