Brits Fish and Chips 6940-77 St (South location)

The occasion was Mama bears’ birthday. The main course- Brits famous Halibut and Chips. Unlike eating greasy food from a fast food establishment; eating from Brits never leaves you feeling guilty for indulging. The union between the batter and the Halibut is perfection. Each compliments the other while never taking each other for granted. For those who don’t enjoy fish, Halibut is a great exception. It’s fleshy like a good piece of tender steak and does not have the odor stereotypically associated with fish. The fries are SO GOOD. I lack the poetry to describe how delicious they really are. There is no gross “old oil” aftertaste that is common with deep-fried food. In fact, the owners pride themselves of the freshness, home-made feel that goes into every meal. The fryer is also imported from the UK. They don’t mess around. Dine-in or Take -out, it makes no difference. You’ll enjoy every bite even if you count your calories.

There are 2 locations in Edmonton so if you live in the South or Downtown region you have no excuses. You can check out their website here.

5 jolly high fives for a meal the Queen would be proud of!

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