The Soloist

I tried avoiding this movie for the longest time for numerous reasons: Jamie Foxx, the exploitation of a sob story, the redundant telling of a “privileged” person rescuing a “poor” person, Jamie Foxx. I can’t say what eventually compelled me to watch it but I’m glad I did.  For starters, Jamie Foxx was exceptional.  I have to admit that he is a far more interesting actor then he is anything else.  He has a knack of being convincing without seeming methodical about who he portrays.  The story arc is a lot more nuanced and realistic than I expected.  For once we’re shown a story that isn’t so much about the freedom of a character but of something much larger. Allow me to explain. I understand that both Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers experience their own unique level of redemption.  But what transcends that is the reality of what occurs at LAMP Community every day. There are many more “Nathaniel’s” out there that are being emancipated from fringes of despair.  LAMP is a real place with real people getting dignified exposure through this film.  Having been to Skid Row I know that what is portrayed is not a far stretch from I what I saw.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a localized LA story. Even in the suburbs of St.Albert we are seeing the stigma “low-income” people have. But I think that is another conversation…

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