The Science of Sleep

Before Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be Kind Rewind, there was The Science of Sleep. Unlike Alice, you don’t need to tumble down a rabbit hole to discover a world of whimsy. Instead, you just lay your head on the pillow and let the cellophane, cardboard and stop-animation begin!  I’m a fan of Gondry so it was easy for me to dive into the zany parallel “dream” universe he creates. Perhaps what I like most about his films is that even though his imagination is allowed to lead the parade there is always an anchor to the reality of heartbreak and loss that leaves me feeling vulnerable. In a scene when Stéphane goes on jealous rage over his love interest it is easy to recollect my own times of jealousy. As he lays passed out she whispers to him “Things will turn out the way you want. If you could just stop doubting that I love you”.  It’s the sensitivity and candor of such scenes that makes this film a favourite.

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