The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This is the first movie I’ve seen on Blu-ray. I’m not sure how I feel about that because there are some scenes that were a bit too vivid than I’d like to remember. It’s the type of movie you don’t want to like because of all the primal feelings it evokes. I celebrated every time Lisbeth took vengeance. I smiled when the belaboured and gloomy Mikael felt the spark of a budding romance. The issues of rape and abuse in this film are disturbing.  Like the Davinci Code, this film uses heavy subject matter in a light way in order to justify the extremes that it takes. For this reason I don’t recommend it.  Nevertheless,  I like how Lisbeth is potrayed with both a power and vulnerability that leaves you wondering where it is all rooted. Noomi Rapace is a stunning actress with a compelling non-verbal physicality.  I’m sad that this film will be remade for an American audience because a lot of the Swedish nuance that makes this film intriguing will be lost.

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