Lake of Fire

Throughout the 153 minutes of this black and white screen  you are assaulted with graphic images, dark rhetoric and confusing ideas that leave you a bit dizzy.  Tony Kaye himself admits to not knowing where he stands on the issue of abortion.  After this documentary I am more fervently decided on standing on both sides of the issue.  I found myself swayed back and forth by something more complex than either camp would want to admit.  It is an emotional, theological, philosophical and relational exercise that carries heavy stakes.  Despite the lack of the academic “female” voice I felt Kaye was delicate in handling this divisive issue.  Having spent 16 years filming and processing this topic it is a small wonder that we are left with no resolute answers.  But perhaps that is why something like this carries importance today.  Regardless of where you stand on the argument this documentary reminds me to keep rooted on the reality that is more about life in flesh and blood than words and megaphones.

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