Iron Man 2

Wife #1- I have an idea. Why don’t you guys watch this downstairs in the entertainment room?

Husband #2- You mean your entertainment room with the multi-level couches, surround sound speakers, HD projector and very large screen that feels like you’re in a theatre?

Wife #1- Yeah, and we’ll watch the movie “Evening” through the laptop, while we share one set of headphones, sitting on the bed in our bedroom.

Husband #1- Really?

Husband #2- No, it’s okay. Let’s all watch “Evening” downstairs. I can’t bear the thought of both of squinting your eyes to watch Meryl Streep on the laptop while straining your ear to listen through the ONE earbud.

Wife #2- No, we don’t want to watch Iron Man 2. This arrangement is better.

With those words we lickity-split downstairs with full abandon and glee.

Despite the one dimensional portrayal of Ivan, the 1/2 dimension of Hammer and the half dozen cheesy lines, we were captivated.  We were Iron Man and War Machine that night.  With no wife present to guilt us for longing to be superheroes we felt the peril of death and the thrill of really cool weapon upgrades.

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