Hot Tub Time Machine

The irony is that if I were to stumble onto a hot tub time machine I would rush to change the chain of events that led me to watch this film.  I honestly thought that with Jon Cusack in this film there would be something intelligent and interesting.  Then I realized what movie was he recently in that was intelligent and interesting?  This movie isn’t even funny nor does it wade into 80’s nostalgia like I would have wanted it to.  I seriously considered concealing this film from my review because I was ashamed I watched it.  I had my own personal ethical discussion in my head about allowing this one movie to “accidentally” not make it onto my site.  But in the spirit of full disclosure I will admit to the world that I rented this movie and watched it entirely.  My wife actually went to bed half way into it which should have been an out for me but because of my earlier nap that day I wasn’t ready for bed yet. If there is any redemption in this experience it would be to save at least one poor soul from making the same mistake of getting inside this hot tub.

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