Dear Noah and Jennifer,

I am writing to let you know that I’ve seen this movie before.  You know the movie I’m talking about…the one where the guy is an unlovable jerk with deep seated issues who takes his anger out on the world and by chance meets a vulnerable, sweet and co-dependant girl who takes a liking to him. Together they find solace in each other’s brokeness except that the jagged edges of their lives cut into each other.  You know the movie I’m talking about?  It’s also the one where the a character is an alleged “music buff” and feels the need to disciple the other on the purity of “real” music.  I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about? It’s the kind where a characteristically “funny” actor works alongside a “serious” and “gifted” actress in the hopes of giving the “funny” actor a chance to show another side to their skill set.  Are you sure you haven’t seen this movie before? The one where the soundtrack is a mixture of new and classic songs found in the mixlist of any hipster. If you haven’t seen this type of movie before I would recommend watching movies like: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, 500 Days of Summer and Punch Drunk Love to name a few.


I Still Think Your Amazing Jennifer So Don’t Hate Me.

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