It’s absurd. But in some regards very familiar. In all his films, Jared Hess has a Mexican actor, a quirky female counterpart, an indistinguishable era and a fetish for vintage technology.  This movie is no stranger to all these elements. Of course Jemaine Clement is hilarious. But he doesn’t gurantee comedic gold. Instead outlandish story scenes stole from what could have been a solid movie. It’s like the writers sat around after sipping some paralyzers and cosmo’s and came up with what seemed at the time “hilarious scenarios”…

“Let’s have Cyclops operate laser guns” “Yeah, and then we can have deers shoot laser from their eyes” “That’s hilarious! What if we have the hero project vomit and kill the laser shooting deers!”

Yes. All of this happens. So be warned.

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