Confessions of a Superhero

It’s difficult to watch a film like this because what starts off as something completely pathetic ends up becoming personal. As you delve into the lives of these 3 individuals you become attached. I think a mark for a good documentary is its ability to birth an empathetic understanding to something you initially felt aloof and apathetic to.  I’ve been to Hollywood Blvd. and remember feeling the tension between the kitschiness and poetry of what they do. On the one hand they are pretending to be “superheroes” who for all intensive purposes  are “embellishments of reality.”  Yet on the other hand, there is something humane about playing the role of cultural demigods in order to make a living.  Aren’t we all playing the role of “something” in order to make ends meet? If we can’t find the dignity behind people who dress up, then I wonder the flesh-to-rock ratio of our hearts.

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