You know those days when you are so tired you don’t have the energy to watch anything with subtitles, slow-moving plots, subversive messages about society or anything by the Coen Brothers. Yet, you’re also not tired enough to watch Hollywood dribble that is predictable, cliché, redundant or produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.  Well that’s where I was this past Sunday night.  Without hesitation when I saw this movie on the shelf I secretly yelled “perfect!”. My arrival to Blockbuster was meant to be quick  because of my fatigue. Who thought marriage retreats could be exhausting?! With precision I picked up this movie and headed to the counter. Once there I was asked for my card and the clerk aptly named “Kinda” called me darling as she thanked me for following through on her request for my card. Which was a good way to begin my temporary possession of this movie.  It was a surprising funny movie with a lot of clever lines and hilarious subtle punch lines.  It’s funny because the DVD cover had none of the typical “Uproariously Funny!” Bill Wallace Washington Times sort of quotes AT ALL. It’s like the producers and marketers felt that the title of this movie spoke for itself. The sarcasm was fresh and the cameo voices of Mr. T and Andy Samberg were surprisingly not annoying. So rent it and watch it for yourself  when you’re hungry for something different because “it’s a buffet of laughter!” Omar Reyes Edmonton Ordinarystrange Blog.

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