Alright so where do we begin? How about the improbable and unneccessary car scenes? Or the over-the-top destruction of iconic buildings? Moving past the exaggeration of plot and ridiculous unimaginative caricatures of the hippie-prophet and magnanimous african-american president, my dad was right-it had a message.  It was him that urged me to take my younger brothers to see this film.  I know that my Dad has a penchant for apocalyptic films so I thought I would humour him. Surprisingly, as I saw elephants and giraffes helicopter past Tibetan mountains, I found myself wondering what I would do if the world were to end. Would I be able to escape natural calamities if: I had the right technology? the right connections? the right religion? the right amount of cash? the right amount of drive and ingenuity? Though, that isn’t what this film is trying to answer because all of the above play into the spectrum of survivors that are portrayed. Instead, the unsettling truth this film leaves me with is that humans have the possibility to inflict far greater atrocities to one another than “unseen natural forces”. Our acts of cruelty pale in comparison to earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunami’s. Which to me is more chilling than any 10 000 foot wave.

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