Enchanted to meet you

Locked inside his heart is a combination of words he never thought he’d ever say.

Hidden in the crevices of her heart is an expectation to hear things she never knew she wanted to hear.

She speaks and he listens.

He speaks and she listens.

Skyscrapers take detailed planning and steel and cranes and engineers and architects to reach completion.

Marathon runners buy special shoes and run and run and run many kilometers to eventually say with understated pride “Yeah, I ran a marathon”.

One single star can take a million years to form.

It only took a few vowels, verbs, consonants and awkward silences for the trajectory of their entire lives to be cataclysmically changed.


In this art installation piece I created a 2 hour video of a couple engaged in conversation projected on a wall. There was no sound. Guests were invited to create the dialogue. Some of the dialogue that was created:

“Hey! I’m so glad we are finally hanging out!”

“Oh, my love, I missed you so much today.”

“You make me happy, even when you make me sad.”

“Ouch! I burnt my tongue!”

“Let’s talk this through. Is the baby’s first language going to be English or Spanish?”

“Your beard looks great my love!”

“Do you play soccer? Because you can score on me anytime!”

” ‘My love?’ You do remember we’re related right?! You’re a super person though.”

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