5 Reasons You MUST Watch this Film:

1. Do you remember how Caramilk used to have those ads about “the mystery to the caramel”? They hyped up a mystery that really wasn’t a mystery. This movie is not like that. There is a reason why your friends don’t reveal much about this film other than encouraging you to ‘just watch it’. My suggestion: watch it but don’t tell them. Let them keep thinking that they’re better than you.

2. It’s the perfect conversation filler when you’re talking with someone you don’t really know at a bus stop. “Can you believe that the colour of the leaves are changing already?” “I know right.” (long pause)  “So, have you watched Catfish? I read this really intriguing culture savvy blog about it.” “No, I haven’t. What’s it about?”…

3. Don’t let the fierceness of a name fool you; Catfish is infinitely more interesting than Swordfish.

4. Zach Galafianakis watched it.

5. You will get it.  You will have questions. You will want to talk about it with someone, anyone. So do me a favour and watch it so we can talk about it.

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