127 Hours

Unlike an M. Knight Shyamalan movie; 127 Hours does not depend on a twist ending to shock you. The familiarity of Aron Ralston’s story may sway you from believing that you’ll chart new territory in this film. But thanks to Danny Boyle and AR Rahman, you are ushered into a visual and audio landscape that is stunning and memorable.

I can’t imagine people casually eating popcorn like it was any other movie. It’s not like watching a fictional story derived by execs who stumble onto an idea. This is the heart and soul of someone’s harrowing experience put to film. There is something sacred about what unfolded that demanded my full attention. I was so alert and on edge that I don’t really remember sinking into my couch. It wasn’t until I saw the closing credits that I exhaled and realized how tense I was feeling. It’s no wonder I felt this way because you’re confronted with questions like,”What is the most drastic thing you would do to keep on living?” and “What message would I leave my loved ones If I knew I was hours away from death?”




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